A saying by the Tembo people of the DRC says “Keshi walyire kataeraTranslated into English it says “A debt is not a loss once one knows the debtor” which means that the one who gives to you is the one who values you and puts his confidence in you; the one who gives out his goods to his fellow in need knows that he is not losing; but in the exercise of generosity and sharing, his act will be reciprocated.

FOTAD would not have grown in strength and reach to do its work without the generosity of individuals and organisations that recognise the value of our work, and more importantly the impact that our work has on the girls which we serve. The donors for the work of FOTAD in 2010 were

1. Cuba-Mtyi Foundation

2. The Dischem Foundation

3. JD Group

4. SAFIKA Investments

5. Umtata Country Club

6. University of Johannesburg Industrial Engineering department

7. Women in Engineering and Built Environment programme (WiEBE)

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to every person and organisation that supported our work, for it is your belief in us than enabled us to instil that belief of self into the girls we serve. “Tiko axi etleli is a Tsonga idiom meaning that the world does not sleep, therefore we thank every donor for their continued support of our work for which the need does not stop.

Thank you Siyabonga Realeboga Dankie Inkomo Enkosi Nda